3 Reasons To Ask For More Work When You're Working A Temp Job

30 April 2018
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When you're hired in a temporary role, you likely hope that the employer will extend the contract. For example, you might agree to just a 60-day contract, but many employers will extend the contract toward the end because they value how you're contributing. Before you get this good news, however, you'll need to earn it. One of the ways that you increase your likelihood of getting your temp contract extended is by consistently asking for more work. Whenever you're done a task, don't wait around for your manager to assign you something else — instead, approach him or her, state that you're done, and ask for something else. Here are some reasons to behave in this manner.

1. It Demonstrates That You're Fast

As long as you do the job correctly, being able to complete it quickly is an attribute that your employer will appreciate. A big advantage of going to your boss and asking for more work is that it shows the time at which you finished a particular job. If you simply sit around afterward, your employer will have no idea whether you completed the task at noon or at 3:30 p.m. By reporting back to your supervisor when you're done the job and asking what you can do next, you're showing the speed at which you work.

2. It Shows A Keen Attitude

Employers love temp workers who are keen — and actively asking for more work is arguably the best way to demonstrate this attitude. Waiting for your manager to assign you more work can be detrimental, as many managers might assume that you're hoping to avoid detection and not have to do anything else. However, when you approach your manager to see what else you can do, you're demonstrating that you're a valuable asset to the organization — and that may be pivotal in helping you to get your contract extended.

3. It Identifies Other Strengths

Sometimes, your manager won't have another task to give you that suits your job description. In such an instance, he or she might give you something that falls outside of your daily responsibilities. While this situation might seem like a challenge, it's also an opportunity because you can show that you're adept at more than just your own job. This could mean that even if your employer cannot extend your contract, he or she might wish to hire you on another contract for a different role within the organization.

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