Are You Worried About Being Bored In Addiction Treatment? Try These 3 Activities That Keep You Busy And Help Your Recovery

14 August 2018
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A residential stay at a treatment center gives you a safe place to work on your addiction recovery, and taking a break from your normal routine helps you decrease stress and stay away from negative influences. While the bulk of your days will be spent in counseling and receiving therapeutic services, you may still be worried about how you will fill your free time. As you prepare for your stay, use these ideas to come up with activities that help you learn how to beat boredom in sobriety.

Start a Daily Journal

Writing is therapeutic, especially when you journal about the events that happen in your life. Before you leave for your stay, check with the residential drug treatment center to find out if you can bring a journal and your favorite pen or markers. Journaling during your stay helps you track your progress, and you can write during spare pockets of time that you find during the day. Keep in mind that you can also write about anything. If you prefer not to write about yourself, then you can jot down poems, stories, or even song lyrics to fill the time.

Try a New Type of Exercise

One of the benefits ofresidential alcohol addiction recovery is that you are provided with opportunities to participate in new types of recreational activities. Use this time to try out a new form of exercise that you might not normally try at home such as yoga or running. Exercising is a great way to use up an hour each day, and you may find that you enjoy it so much that you can do it after you return home.

Learn Diet and Nutrition Tips

In your real life, you may not have a lot of time to learn how to cook nutritious meals that help with your recovery. Since drug and alcohol addiction tends to rob your body of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, rehab programs often provide nutritional counseling. While you are in rehab, ask for resources that you can use to learn how to plan a healthy diet. Leaving the center with a few new recipes to add to your at-home menu will have you excited about learning how to cook healthier meals.

As you get ready to go to rehab, make sure to keep an open mind. During your free time, you have tons of new activities to explore that all help you learn how to rebuild your life. Whether you write a screenplay or become a master chef, you can look forward to never being bored in rehab.