Are You Worried About Being Bored In Addiction Treatment? Try These 3 Activities That Keep You Busy And Help Your Recovery

14 August 2018
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A residential stay at a treatment center gives you a safe place to work on your addiction recovery, and taking a break from your normal routine helps you decrease stress and stay away from negative influences. While the bulk of your days will be spent in counseling and receiving therapeutic services, you may still be worried about how you will fill your free time. As you prepare for your stay, use these ideas to come up with activities that help you learn how to beat boredom in sobriety. Read More 

3 Reasons To Ask For More Work When You’re Working A Temp Job

30 April 2018
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When you're hired in a temporary role, you likely hope that the employer will extend the contract. For example, you might agree to just a 60-day contract, but many employers will extend the contract toward the end because they value how you're contributing. Before you get this good news, however, you'll need to earn it. One of the ways that you increase your likelihood of getting your temp contract extended is by consistently asking for more work. Read More 

How Are Alcoholism And Bulimia Related?

8 April 2018
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When you're dealing with a serious disease like bulimia, recovery requires a lot of time and commitment. But what if you're struggling with more than one condition at once? Unfortunately, alcoholism often affects people that are already struggling to deal with bulimia or another eating disorder. Find out what's known about the connections between bulimia and alcoholism and how it should guide your treatment. Linked Chances of Both Disorders Studies of patients reporting either bulimia or alcoholism show a double link between the two disorders. Read More